Monday, March 12, 2007

Waiting for Frederick.

Well, I finally got tired of waiting for Frederick's book on the Atomic, and I wrote a couple of short guides - one on Care and Feeding of Atomics and the other one on identifying the various design features that changed over the years - badges, handles, knobs, wand tips, etc. I've tried not to duplicate the other resources that are readily available, but at the same time to be comprehensive enough for the guides to be useful.


Coffee Expert said...

Frederick -- yea. He knows ATOMIC.


Robert said...

I am an attorney in Montreal and I came across this site because I was searching under Atomic. I have a machine that is probably from the '40's. It is 'ceramic'looking. I can send pics if anyone is interested in it. Please let me know.

Wootha said...

Well Robert, it's hard to know until we see the pics. :-) Why not try it and see? If all else fails, we can always tell you how much (or little) like an Atomic it looks.

Unknown said...

Hi, I had an Atomic in Australiain the 80's and used it daily for many years before I got queried as to how safe was it to super heat and use water from an aluminium unit daily?
This was around the time of major aluminium ingestion/alzheimers scare.

Loved the machine, looked great,made great coffee... but now use an early stainless Lavazza just in case.


Wootha said...

Hi Lindsay,
Well, I remember that time too. And I've seen some more recent research that said, yes, there are still health hazards with aluminium, and you should be careful if you drink more than 8 cups a day for more than 80 years. Of course, I might have mis-remembered that because of all the aluminium. :-)

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