Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Head Knobs vs Neck Knobs

Did you know the early steamer valve knobs (usually red, but occasionally blue) were not only a slightly lighter colour, but they are also 5mm smaller in diameter (30mm instead of 35mm)? Unlike the later knobs we all know and love, the early ones had a circular mounting hole (not square) recessed only partway into the knob (not right through) and were secured to the valve stem by a tiny grubscrew inserted at right angles to the stem (not in line with it). I guess Signor Robbiati got tired of his steamer knob coming loose.

Anyway, the above pic is something you won't see very often - 4 head-mount steamer knobs in a bulk pack, with grub screws.

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Anonymous said...

They also came in yellow.