Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Aetna - a new Atomic Badge?

Rachel Greene just sent me this pic of an Atomic with one of the very few badges that does not mention the word "atomic" anywhere. (The others are La Sorrentina and Life-Ware.) The machine in question appears to be a 'B' type with a small, tall jug. Because there is no mention of the reseller's location and the patent statement is in Italian, I'd guess they were in Italy, possibly in the 1960s.


Anonymous said...

I have a Little Expresso label.
Doesn't say Atomic either.

Anonymous said...

HI atomic community! A friend of mine surprised me this morning for Breakfast - we live in Vienna (Austria), he comes from tirol, his wife from Sicily (Italy). I made him a coffee with my Robbiati and we started to talk about it. Above all i asked him why so many machines are available on the Austalian market. He answered that in the 50s, there was a wave of italian immigration to Australia looking for better life as Agriculture didn't bring a lot. And then talked about Sicilians moving to Australia after Big earthquakes. He dates this immigration about the 70s from his wife's family history. The Etna had a big Eruption in 1971. Is it just coincidence? or is it more to it? Surely another good story in the Robbiatic history!!! Mik.

Wootha said...

I think the popularity of coffee Downunder probably started a bit earlier, with refugees arriving from Europe in the late 1930s. Anyway that's what happened in New Zealand. There were a lot of Italian engineers and workers in NZ working on hydro electric schemes after the war too, and even more in Australia. But sure, it's another great story to add to the Robbiati legend!