Friday, July 17, 2009

Enduring Design 2

I decided it was about time to incorporate all the ideas, suggestions and critiques into a new edition of the book. So keep an eye out on - Enduring Design 2 has now been published, replacing the original book. Main changes are:
a. chapters on anatomy and variants have been combined to reduce duplication
b. new chapters on early manufacturing history and marketing arrangements based on conversations with those involved
c. some new reseller badges
d. more details on research resources

Overall, about 20% more text and 20% more photos, but a few less pages because the new edition is single-spaced instead of 1.5.

My thanks to all those who have contributed.


Anonymous said...

Just found a picture of the Robbiati in a Ebay auction: 400065934788
that might interest the ones in search on documentation. Ps: i am NOT the seller of the item!

Jason Koning said...

Just about finished this edition after picking up a copy at and I have to say it's a great read. In fact I fear it may be turning me into a collector!

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