Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Green Bakelite Atomic on eBay

There is an Atomic (badged La Sorrentina, but genuine, if you know what I mean!) with green bakelite, just been listed on eBay. Currently in Japan. Bit worn around the badge, but otherwise looks OK.

UPDATE: That machine sold for AU$1225 (US$975). Is this good news?


Anonymous said...

more interesting is the amount an other Atomic sold a few hours before the green one on ebay.
Item 180372869130 sold for AU $307,67 and looks exactly like one of those fake reproductions from India. The seller was adamant her deceased mother bought that coffee maker in the 70's.
Well, memory is a fickle thing, maybe she said this fake is similar to the genuine Atomic she owned all those years ago.
A quick look shows all typical signs of it being a fake: protruding plug in the base, longer steam control arm, tapered water knob, different handle and snout of the jug and of course the badge. Supposedly it had fallen off and was scratched when lying on the ground and run over by the car. To me it looked more deliberately scratched with a screwdriver, but you could still read Bou Trading!
So is 300 bucks for a fake or 1200 for the rarest of them all good or bad news?

Anonymous said...

307 for one of the Indian machines may not be too bad- after all it seems they are no longer being made- and who knows- in 20 years they may be considered one of the rarest models?

Anonymous said...

The only new and genuine Atomic Machine Coffee being sold at the moment (as far as I know) is the one being sold by its original distributor in Australia - Bon Trading Co. All the others are all but fakes, or cheap imitations.

Wootha said...

"New" and "genuine" are becoming increasingly problematic terms with respect to Atomics. The new Bon Trading Atomics are new in the same way that the La Sorrentinas are new. The La Sorrentina is described (accurately) as a modern reproduction. The new BT Atomic claims to be genuine, but seems to be made from new moulds, just as the La Sorrentina is made from new moulds, so who knows? And neither can be described as cheap, even on a good day. :-)

Anonymous said...

Re September 2009 - Comment
One of the main differences is that the genuine Atomic Coffee Machine is made in Italy, and therefore must comply with the strict European standards, where as the fakes come from Asia where they cannot get the superior materials.

In relation to the moulds it is common knowledge that moulds wear out with production repetition and have to be replaced from time to time.